Teviot Angling Club Competitions.

Details on trophies and competition dates/details.

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Competition Dates 2023/24

Number Name Details
No 1 Grand Tavern Trophy - Open Waters 7th & 8th Oct 2023 weigh in 6pm Grand Tavern 4 fish.
No 2 Bridge Tavern Trophy - Open Waters 21st & 22nd Oct 2023 weigh in 6pm Bridge Tavern 4 fish.
No 3 Harper Memorial - Poolburn Dam
Senior. Harper Memorial Shield
Intermediate. Pearsons Cup
Junior. Harper Memorial Junior
5th Nov 2023 weigh in 5pm Poolburn Hut (Hut booking - bed only first in gets the bed no money required) Legal fish limit applies
No 4 Take a Kid Fishing 26th November 2023. Location is Remarkables Orchard Pond Start time 9am.
No 5 Society Cup - Lake Onslow
Senior. Society Cup
Junior Bourke Memorial Junior
3rd Dec 2023 weigh in 5pm Onslow Huts 4 fish. (Hut booking bed only first in gets the bed no money required)
No 6 Sangster & Crosland Trophy - Manorburn Dam 13th & 14th Jan 2024 weigh in 6pm Pinders Pond 4 fish
No 7 Interclub with Lawrence - Open Waters 3rd & 4th Feb 2024 weigh in 5pm Beaumont Hotel 4 fish
No 8 Teviot River Research Programme 3rd March 2024 (NOT A COMPETITION)
No 9 Open Waters Competition 6th & 7th April 2024 weigh in 6pm Pinders Pond 4 fish
NEW * Heaviest Fish. Through-out the season. Weigh in at the Ettrick Gardens* or ring Graeme Rae 027-4526457


Competition Trophies

Name Trophy
Season's Aggregate John Cook Memorial Trophy
Heaviest Trout G. Reichel Cup
Onslow Otago Acclimatisation Cup
Poolburn Tom Harper Memorial Shield
Manorburn Sangster & Crosland Trophy
Best Conditioned Grand Tavern Trophy
Ladies Aggregate Teviot Trophy
Largest Salmon ICI Shield
Open Waters Aggregate Reid Rosie Trophy
No.2 Competition Bridge Tavern Trophy
Largest Salmon ICI Shield
Season's Aggregate Ettrick Gardens Trophy
Poolburn Dam Pearson Cup 1938
Season's Aggregate Kitto Cup
Heaviest Trout Dillon Cup
Poolburn Harper Memorial (Junior)
Onslow Bourke Memorial